With all the services NEXUST provided. Website Development, Mobile App Development, Social Media Marketing, AR solutions and so on. NEXUST can provide you with the previous projects that already on the market for your better reference and understanding our qualities. NEXUST also happy to advise our clientele in term of budgeting, project structuring, website features and so much more.
If you already have an idea or concept, you can contact us via, website quotation, email or phone. We will arrange an appointment with you for further discussion on the service that you wished to engage with. A kind reminder, make sure you have prepared as much information as possible for your service development; it will help to enhance the effectiveness and efficiencies of further co operations.
No worries. Naturally, we will begin the development after both parties agreed and signed the development agreement. Such procedure is meant to keep the whole development process transparent and organized.
No, you don’t have to be a “Techy” person to engage with us. NEXUST welcome all range of experiences clientele and NEXUST will try to localize and redefine the specific terms in your context, for your better understanding.
To provide you with the precise answer, we have to come out with a proper quotation and development plan for the service you have selected. The quotation and development plan will take around 3-4 workings days after confirmed with the concepts of the services. For the service development, it takes around 21 working days to a month to complete the first development.
NEXUST will conduct the service testing process together with you. Until there is no issue found, NEXUST only present the service to you. Besides, NEXUST also provide you a free maintenance up to 6 months.
Of course! You may join us as you wish. From the planning stage until the launching stage, NEXUST would like to invite you to evaluate the services we provide. As our philosophy goes, “Our day is not over until we have made yours as your every call counts!” NEXUST always open for further communication.
Of course. Until some extent of our services, there will be prototypes, demo, or beta version for your further examine and feature adding process.
Of course, it will be great if NEXUST could help you to improve your existing products. NEXUST will evaluate the improvement needed and we will discuss with you regarding the improvement plan that will be soon implemented.
It depends on the scale of the project for the services, as we need to decide the project focus, timeline for the project, technological issues and licenses and so on. Of course we are not going to propose you with unrealistic project quotation, instead we would like to hear from you regarding the budget and we will proceed accordingly.
We have more than 3 years of experiences. Yet NEXUST only having 3 years of experiences, but we have completed more than 100++ projects with high satisfaction from clientele within 3 years. Also, we are experienced in website development, software development; social media marketing, mobile app development and we constantly update ourselves with the latest technological skills and knowledge in order to provide you with our very best quality of services.
Yes. Apart from technological and digital development, NEXUST also provide the services of Brand Identity Design, E-Commerce Solutions and Social Media Marketing. You may contact us through email for better understanding of our services.